Pairs is a free visual novel. It was originally created for a game jam called NaNoRenO between March 1st and April 2nd. In October 2017, it was remastered with new sprites, new dialogue and a complete lack of typos for release on Steam. We hope that you enjoy this version of the game!


Invaders from the stars come to conquer planet Earth, attempting to add the blue marble into it’s vast network of conquered planets on their quest to rule over the known, weak universe. In an attempt to protect itself, humans around the world begin to manifest superhuman powers beyond the imagination, powers strong enough to combat their alien foes. Three generations later, the war wages on with the Naian forces showing no sign of let up….

But that is not the focus of our story.

Our story begins with four protagonists in pairs– two couples who are dealing with largely different issues unique to their world.

  • Lek Noiya, heir to the Naian throne and a product of her violent culture, craves a human heart– or a human’s loyalty with her foot on his back.
  • James Zhang, a somewhat non-descript young man who seems a little too nonchalant about dating the daughter of Earth’s sworn enemy, perhaps because he has an ulterior motive that’s worth risking everything for.
  • Carmelita Brown, a superhuman trainee preparing for her life as a Certified Hero, dealing with the fact she’s not sure how she feels about her decision for her best friend to become her boyfriend– or the fact that despite it being her life passion, she’s not as good as hero work as she’d like to be.
  • Ricardo Fernandez, Carmelita’s fellow trainee and childhood best friend, a young man who excels at hero work but struggles with his unsure motivations for becoming a hero– and the idea that staying by Carmelita’s side is worth it when lately, she’s been so cold towards him…

How will these relationships pan out? Only time will tell in Pairs.


  • 2 distinct couple storylines with four protagonists: Noiya and James, Carmelita and Ricardo
  • 8 different endings, two for each protagonist
  • Roughly 70,000 words
  • Original Soundtrack with 7 unique tracks

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A visual novel about walking a mile in another man's shoes-- if "another man" is a destructive alien, a shady baker, a wannabe hero, or a guy who really just wants to not be... well. Literally anywhere else.

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