It’s the mid 1980’s, the rich kids have a Commodore 64 and the rest of us have to make do with the rubber keyed under powered Sinclair ZX spectrum.

panGEMic is a game created in the spirit of the day, it’s the kind of game you’d expect to see on the speccy.

Collect all the gems while avoiding anything that moves or is pointy, do it in the time limit or face the ‘Red Skull’. Collect the coin at the end to finish the stage.

Limited lives means you need to tread carefully while keeping one eye on the timer, extra lives will spawn on some stages so grab them while you can.

Make use of the screen edges to warp from left to right, you’ll need to know this to complete some tricky stages and avoid enemies.

  • 9 Steam achievments
  • 25 Challenging stages over 4 Worlds
  • Authentic 16 colour ZX spectrum colour palette
  • Fully rebind-able controls
  • Supports controllers (recommended)
  • 5 suitably retro music tracks
  • Free game
  • For PC & MAC

Best played with a controller

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Collect all the gems while avoiding enemies and hazards, do it in the time limit or face the 'Red Skull'. panGEMic is a retro inspired platform game requiring quick reflexes and quick thinking.

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