Game Info:

Title: Pastelia Stories

Developer: Maru Project Develop Team
Genre: JRPG
Playtime: 10~30 hours


The protagonist was once a commoner (of our world).

In sleep, the main character, forcibly summoned by of a dubious, self-titled "God of Dreams", inexplicably entered an unknown world and gained the powers of "the hero".

Privy to nought, the "hero" was tasked, alongside "maidens", with the mission to save this world from impending doom.

With such frivolous debriefing and ambiguous instruction, the protagonist came to and saw the two girls, enjoined in this overbearing quest.

What saga would the hero-fated protagonist create with these maidens? No one knew.


·combining tradition and innovation, a fantasy RPG that grants a high degreee of play style flexibility
·protagonist with name and gender of your choice
·400,000 word script, all interwoven to create a grand yet meticulously crafted world
·more than 30 potential companions, who are among the cast of 50+ diverse characters
·highly strategic combat system with low barrier-to-entry but high skill cap
·a combination of numerous pre-determined as well as randomly generated events, as well as dungeons that require various approaches to complete
·hundreds of skill combinations and randomly generated equipment, combined with crafting sytem, create rich replay value
·would be included steam achievements, cards, backgrounds and emoji in the future.

This game is only developed by one person. English version and Japanese version are in progress. Because of lacking money(over 400,000 Chinese words need to be translated and may became 1 million in the future.), can’t include in the first publish version. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Pastelia Stories

"Pastelia Stories" is a Japanese-style turn-based role playing game. You will be summoned into Pastelia world as a teenager girl and here begins your wonderful journey. Explore big world just like you want, pick any out of 30 companions, chose one of the story lines and fractions to find your way back home.

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