After finally plucking up the courage, you – the nameless protagonist –
asked your school classmate out on a date. Her name was Penny Black,
a girl slightly shorter than most girls her age, with short black hair
and bright blue eyes.

To your surprise, she accepted your proposal! The meeting point was just
outside the Soma Cinema Complex, Saturday at eleven o’clock. This is where
your little adventure… or misadventure begins…

– Penny Black plays similar to a traditional text adventure; type in certain words in order to progress the game.

– More than 25,000 words.

– 30 minutes – 2 hours game time.

– Different endings that are determined throughout certain choices.

– Hidden choices that could either spell success or disaster.

– A massive 200kb to install!

Keep in mind that there is no save function, but it is relatively straightforward enough to remember the choices you made and progress through the story quickly.

Penny Black is just a simple game I made in my spare time using BBC Basic for Windows. Though nothing special, I see it as a small step towards making better programs in the future.

Hope you enjoy the game!

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Penny Black

A text only dating simulator, created using BBC Basic for Windows!

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