Kids These Days!

Those darn kids and their weapons of mass destruction! Back in Ruho’s day, people talked their problems out… with bullets, bribes, bombs, and good old fashioned exchange of goods. Mama Ruho’s got her work cut out for her if she’s gonna restore Hapytown to its former glory—and she’s gonna do it with tender loving care. And bullets.

Rebuild the Wasteland… And Get Rich Doing It

The backbone of polite society is trade! Explore the region and trade goods between 8 different markets to trade goods, buy weapons, and hopefully avoid raiders while you’re at it!


  • Marketplace simulation features trends, busts, and fads
  • Random negotiation and raid opportunities (events, raider attacks, merchant caravans!)
  • Classic PC sim interface
  • Earn credits for successful runs and achievements and unlock replay content
  • Colourful Delmunsoft visual style
  • Hybrid FM soundtrack

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Pimiko Plus

Ruho has been awakened! Unfortunately, the magical civilization she spent her teenage years exploring has collapsed into a particularly virulent case of Apocalypse Induced Crappiness Syndrome. Nothing that a little illicit trading can't solve!

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