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About the Game

Pink Rage is a female-oriented dating sim, visual novel, which also includes some adventure elements.

This story tells us about underworld, where dead people go. But it’s not the end for them – all dead souls have a chance to start a new life if they’ll pass mysterious test called Great Trial. But who controls the underworld? Who decides people’s fate? Playing for the protagonist you’ll find answers to these questions.

She’s been in the underworld for a long time and finally she decided to participate in the Great Trial. However, under the rules of participation, she needs to find a partner, otherwise she’ll be disqualified. But she has a very bad temper – that’s why she’s not good at talking to people. Will she change or not? That’s up to you.

Play for the evil tsundere girl, try to discover the truth about her death, meet other participants of the trial… And trust no one!

Key features:

– 5 completely different routes.
– 10+ possible endings.
– 25+ CGs.
– Game length 4-6 hours.

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Pink Rage Otome

Comedy visual novel. Try yourself as a tsundere girl!

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