Pix is a tiny little pixel-art creature who jumps through obstacle courses on a quest to collect colorful, sparkling pixels – but the way is perilous and filled with danger. Death lurks around every corner in this risky mission to recover the glowing goodness, but well worth the loss of life and limb when your head is full of pixels!

Pix is a straightforward platformer built around a 3-pixel objective per level. Any noob can complete the levels by just reaching the end, but if you want to really test your skills, try collecting all 3 pixels on every level.

  • 36 levels (to start the Early Access versions)
  • 3 pixel challenges per level
  • Achievements coming soon
  • Controller support in levels (Windows)
  • Platforming chaos
  • Deadly spike pits
  • Whizzing saw blades
  • Swinging pendulums of death
  • Innocent looking levels designed to kill you without mercy 🙂

Gameplay is tweaked so you can conquer higher challenges to suit your own ambitions, while preserving your ability to explore the whole game at an average skill level. Got any platformers collecting dust cuz you couldn’t finish some level that unlocks the rest of the game? Not in Pix. Instead of an ever-increasing difficulty curve where each level unlocks the next, the average level is “medium” difficulty to finish, while the 3 optional pixel challenges within each level will continue to increase in difficulty.

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Pix jumps through perilous platformer levels on a quest to collect colorful, sparkling pixels. Death lurks around every corner in each risky mission to recover the glowing goodness!

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