Pixel Fireplace is a cozy, type-controlled simulation. Throw fresh logs onto the fire and watch them burn down to ash in real time (about 15 min each). Discover more interactive commands like marshmallow, smore, hotdog, firecracker, newspaper, red, purple, or just sit back and enjoy.

Ted Martens

P.S. Sometimes I update Pixel Fireplace with more commands. Send me tips of some you would like to see. If they'd be a good fit I might add them in a future update.

And if you have photos of Pixel Fireplace, send them to me on Twitter or email!

Pixel Fireplace Credits

Pre-v1.0 original Fireplace by Ted Martens © 2010-2011

v1.0-1.2 by Hex-Ray Studios – Ken Kopecky & Ted Martens © 2012-2015

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Pixel Fireplace

Roast marshmallows and throw fresh logs onto the fire. Type words to interact. Sit back and enjoy.

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