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Pixel Puzzle Picross

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Pixel Puzzle is a challenging and exciting picross game that uses numbers and logic to solve grid puzzles and unlock fully colored pictures. Also known as nonogram, griddler, hanjie, paint by numbers or logic square, this logic game is quick to learn but can take a lifetime to master. Whether you’re a beginner or expert you will love playing the varying levels of Pixel Puzzle.

If you’ve struggled to find a true, quality picross game, your search is over. Download Pixel Puzzle now to start solving puzzles and earning stars!

Pixel Puzzle Features:

  • 182 fun and challenging puzzles included with purchase
  • Two modes of play – Normal and Hard. Play all levels in each mode…double the fun!
  • Normal Mode allows you to play with no mistake penalties, earn stars based on time
  • Hard Mode requires extra brain power, make a mistake and lose a star!
  • All original logic based puzzles with NO guessing required
  • Save feature allows you to finish puzzles later
  • Detailed How to Play tutorial for beginners
  • Puzzles ranging from easy to very hard in various sizes (5×5, 10×10, 15×15, 20×20, 25×25)
  • Fun puzzle categories for each World
  • Finish each level with 3 stars to beat the World and win a world crown!
  • Hours of puzzle solving fun!

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Pixel Puzzle Picross

Pixel Puzzle is a challenging and fun picross logic game with 182 original puzzles and two modes of play.

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