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Planetoid Pioneers

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Welcome to Planetoid Pioneers, a physics-driven action-adventure heavily inspired by classics such as Blaster Master (‘88), Metroid (‘86), and Exile (‘88). It can be played locally with or against your friends in seamless pick-up-and-play Co-Op and PvP action.

If you buy the Game-Only Edition, you will today be able to explore over half a dozen planetoids, each featuring entirely different game modes and filled with vehicles, creatures, robots, items, and weapons created by us at Data Realms. You will also be able to choose from and subscribe to a rich set of user-generated content made by owners of the special Contributor Edition, which will keep expanding the Planetoid Pioneers experience in scope and depth for years to come. When Planetoid Pioneers exits Early Access, this regular edition will also get you all the editors unlocked at no extra cost – but not until then.

However, if you choose to purchase the Contributor Edition today, you will:

  • Get everything included in the Game-Only Edition, PLUS all the commercial-grade game development tools and live-editing capabilities of the Crush2D engine!
  • Become part of the well-established Contributor Community, where you can collaborate and directly share content with the development team and your fellow contributors.
  • Be able to submit your creations for consideration to be integrated into the official shipping game, with your name then appearing in the credits.
  • With a single button press, have the ability to publish whatever you make to the free Steam Workshop, for anyone to rate, comment, and subscribe to.

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Planetoid Pioneers

Explore deep circular worlds in this Physicsvania with local Co-Op combat and crafting! Also bring your game ideas and Early Access feedback to life with the Contributor Edition - its powerful engine and integrated tools allow you to help shape this game right alongside us.

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