Every person can have a dream during sleep.

But if the contents of dream aren’t decided randomly but decided by [Dream point] gathered from a two-dimensional space called [Dreamality] right before having a dream, how do you feel?

[Pleasure in Dream] is a story made on the basis of the outlook of this [Dreamality].

* * *

One day, “Latkimarchi” who was taking a nap had an exciting dream through [Dreamality] is confronted with a situation of being unable to escape to the reality through [Dreamality].

Lucid dream has begun while his spirit is locked up in [Dreamality] against his will.

“Latkimarchi” who didn’t plan to sleep long originally because he was taking a nap complained the administrator of [Dreamality] what situation it was in confusion, and made a disturbance as using [Dreampoint] he had gathered for attack in order to penetrate a way to the reality by himself.

In the meantime,

“Yochshae” who was locked in [Dreamality] for the same reason as “Latkimarchi” listened carefully to the administrator and judged it would be more difficult to wait until administrators reported the situation of [Dreamality] to God and took a measure for the present. So he decided to resolve directly with “Latkimarchi”.

* * *

It is an adventure story of two protagonists, which is based on the dream world.

Protagonists must repel the people to the reality, who would block this dream world from the reality to occupy so that they could awaken from the sleep.

Today, will you listen to this small story?

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Pleasure in Dream

Today, will you listen to this small story?

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