You have to act as a drone-plumber. Rising to the ceiling and creeping at the very floor, you need the right sequence of pipes.
But not everything is as simple as it seems. You will not only find the right pipes, ignoring the extra ones, but also rotate them in three axes to put them in the right position. And only after you have succeed in turning the valve you will enjoy the right solution.
But do not relax – to restore the next destroyed system you have to find the code from the locked door. Carefully inspect all pipes, floors, walls and ceilings – the right sequence can be anywhere. And only by finding and entering the code you will get a chance to face a new challenge.

– 300+ levels
– Multilevel interlacing of pipes
– Constant increase in complexity

Try out your spatial thinking in this puzzle.

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Plumber 3D

You have to test your ability to assemble the water system in the right order and find the code to move to new challenges.
Moving from level to level you have to fix more and more complicated and intricate schemes.

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