Pooper Scooper is a local multiplayer game of Dogs vs Humans. The Dog must collect meat in order to drop slippery poops throughout each map while the Human must chase the Dog to collect all of the poops before the time runs out. The Human can use power ups to gain some advantage over their opponent. The Dog must find sneaky places to hide their poops and Human must use their ability to traverse obstacles combined with their power ups to stop the Dog from winning. The game currently contains four unique maps: Park, Forest, Desert and Castle as well as eight playable character models. At its core, Pooper Scooper focuses on goofy, fast paced, multiplayer action inspired by games like Who’s Your Daddy and sporting a low poly art style.

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Pooper Scooper

A local multiplayer hide-and-seek style game of Dog vs. Humans. Goofy, fast paced game play focused on casual competition.

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