Prism is a spatial shoot ’em up with some RPG aspects.

Randomly generated stuff, missions, and enemies!

But also over 12 different skills, with a talent skilltree for each of them. You move 360 through a central Prism that returns more powerfull bullets, on which you influence their refraction angle with your gears.

You will find spaceship modificators (mods) during your adventure, that are randomly generated, with 3 rarity levels (common, rare & pure) and 4 different types (weapon, shield, reactor, & special)

You are about to live a mysterious adventure with a non-linear progression, through a solid story background. Will you solve all the secrets of the Prism artefact ?


Normal & Reverse fire modes

Shoot and destroy enemies through the prism

  • Alternate normal & reverse fire mode at any moment
  • You move 360° but also enemies!
  • The prism affects your bullets (Atq speed, number of bullets, crit chance…)

Explore starmaps and new worlds

Fight for the galaxy and evolve

  • World to world travel anywhere, anytime
  • Random Dynamic encounter system
  • The prism affects your bullets (Atq speed, number of bullets, crit chance…)
  • Achieve many levels objective to gain XP

The last gobelin fleet you met just shattered you into pieces ?

Ship modificators (mods)

  • You may have a fair revenge if you equip your ship with unique and randomly generated Ship Modificators (MODS). each mods have 3 differents quality & rarity types : Common, Rare and Pure.
  • But as the amount of socketed mods slots are limited you will need to find a good sinergy between offensive, defensive, shifting, special and passive statistics to create your own powerfull builds.
  • Mods can be gained by destroying enemies or by accomplishing extra randomly generated missions or events.

Upgrade the Prism and learn new abilities


  • The prism is also a very powerfull artefact, and it grants you very usefull panel of skills, the only conditon is that you will have to feed it with the crystal fragments dropped by killed enemmies.
  • You will unlock and upgrade these skills step by step with their dedicated skilltree, to allocate passive points, skills and skills enhancement. Skilltree statistics can be cumulated with your ship’s mods.
  • Each Mid-Bosses defeated will grant you 1 skill point or 2 skill points for each Bosses destroyed, and you may also gain some more depending on extra random events.
  • up to 12 different and original skills in the final release!

Quick resume

You are Brett Owen, a “Scout” of the Human United Nations (HUN) of the human race, which by the past found a mysterious starship and some fragments for an unknown crystal element, in a cave, at Puma Punku in Bolivia. The study of the wreck allowed man to copy its technology to power its aircraft with the energy contained in the fragments, allowing mankind to travel quickly and safely over long distances in space and so colonize part of the Milky way.

But one day a scientist accidentally activated by a sub system of alien wreckage and the owners responded to the call …
Space Gobelins, ultra aggressive, territorial race were now aware that a new planet had to be conquered and plundered.

The story begins, You have been sent to the system of Canis Minoris to look after an electromagnetic anomaly on a sterile planet with the same energy signature of the crystal fragments found on Earth long time ago… For you, it’s a normal mission : “Identify the anomaly. Define it. Make your report and wait for new orders”. That’s what they said.

This time, something wrong happened. After some scans of the planet you detect the origin of an anomaly and found some kind of artefact, glowing with a cold blue light and turning quickly on itself : The Prism.

The problem is not the Prism itself, it’s the Space Goblins… They want it too, they are informed by their drones, and they are coming… For you

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Prism is a 360° spatial shoot'em up, with RPG mechanics, like randomly generated enemies, events, stuff and much more.
You move around a Prism that empowers your bullets and 2 fire modes ability

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