You wake up and find you have no idea where you are. Worse, you barely remember anything. The only thing you’re holding onto is your sons voice, yelling your name helplessly, and your wife screaming she loves you, but you cant make out what was happening during the time. Ahead of you is a dirt path, so you follow it. You walk right into a village. You look around to see if anyone can help you, but no one looks interested in helping unless you have copper to pay them in return. You go and talk to the ammunition dealer, and he makes you a deal. If you can complete a series of risky quests for him, he will pay you for them individually – Along with taking the time to collect copper, you also set out on your journey to look for your wife and child.

How far are you willing to push yourself to remember what happened?


– Multiple weapon choices

– Free to roam map areas

– Buying, selling and trading with marketers

– Zombies! (A.k.a Ghouls) – Beware the outside walls of the village

– Quest choices

– Bounties

– Trading cards, badges, backgrounds, emojicons


There are still more features in the game. We are also interested in seeing what the community would like to see!

More Info:

Project RPG is mainly an open world role-playing game, but it also consists of many different genres for example horror, action, story telling and mystery. We wanted to ensure the game has a little something for a larger variety of people, so the quests, depending on how you choose to play the game, will vary from being guided with help to find your family, to being left to find out where to go on your own, to how much of the game you view before completion. There are many sites you will get to explore for example the ghoul invested asylum. Also depending on the quest, and the villager who assigns it will depend on the bonuses you receive after. For example weapons, or unlocked doors.

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Project RPG

You wake up on a dirt road, holding on to your last memory of your family screaming for help infront of you. Now, with all odds against you, you must complete challenging and dangerous quests to gain help from the villagers of Bartrone. How far are you willing to risk your life to find your wife and son?

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