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ProjectM : Daydream

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About this game
After summer vacation is over, Dong-Woo gets invited to Seung-Ah’s house.
While Seung-Ah chatters away about her memorable vacation, Dong-Woo drifts away into a brief daydream about going skydiving in Interlaken, Switzerland and spending time with Seung-Ah at the beach in Nerja, Spain.
Waking up from his daydream, Dong-Woo is back in Seung-Ah’s kitchen where they continue their conversation about summer vacation.
Experience skydiving and be transported to a sunset beach through Dong-Woo’s eyes in this VR experience.
Minimal interaction is made by looking at icons, text dialogues and Seung-Ah herself.
Language and voice
User interface and subtitles are available in Korea, English, Japanese, Chinese (traditional & simplified), German, Spanish and French. Voice is only available in Korean.

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ProjectM : Daydream

Experience a daydream like never before in VR. Experience skydiving, hang out at the beach, or just chat with a digital friend in the comfort of a virtual kitchen.

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