The balance of power of a fragile peace has been violated and this is felt by each of its inhabitants.

The harmony between the forces of nature and machines gave slack and now everything is against people – robots, mechanisms and nature itself.
If the balance is not restored, there will be no more people in this world.

But who caused the imbalance?
Who broke the line and how to save humanity?
And finally – who is capable of a feat?

Who can go through many trials through the dangerous tunnels of oblivion – that will be called the Purple Heart.

  • Stylish pixel art graphics from Artalasky!
  • Think and act! The game is impregnated with puzzles, as well as tests of your reaction and logic.
  • Beautiful and energetic 8bit music from HateBird!
  • A real test of your skills. Can you get through to the end?
  • An interesting story about a little man

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Purple Heart

Hardcore pixel indie platformer with puzzle elements and history. Can you get to the end?

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