Type: Visual novel
Language: Spanish
Genre: Suspense, mystery, drama, gore, eroge
Duration: 30~50 hours
Public: +18
Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
Words: 320,000 words of history

With R Academy I have tried to create a story that suits the player’s decisions, that’s why this game has more than 50 different endings such as ‘Bad End’, ‘Normal End’, ‘Fatal End’ or ‘True End’ among a few more. Mainly R Academy has 3 heroines, however, it is possible to get (at least) a route with almost any girl that comes out in the game. Due to the various decisions in R Academy, it does not have a consistent story, as it progresses according to what the player chooses, each decision has an effect on the story, either immediately or even at the end of the game, an experience in acts basically

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R Academy

Visual Novel where the decisions with their respective consequences predominate, create your own story with more than 50 different endings that you have.

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