Feature List

  • A unique and dark, linear story-driven experience with zero humour.
  • Challenging puzzles.
  • Four separate short episodes, each about 20 minutes long and with distinct case and mysteries to solve.
  • It always rains.

About the Game

Take the role of the cynical but sharp New Orleans Police Department’s detective John Rainy and solve unforgettable crimes in this gritty, episodic detective tale.

Rainyday is a dark and atmospheric old school detective adventure inspired by Sierra’s classics and 1990s masterpieces like Dreamweb, Harvester, Bloodnet etc.

Purchasing this product will grant access to ALL four episodes.

Episode Release Dates:

Prologue Episode *6.10.2017*

Episode 1: Gris-gris *31.10.2017*

Episode 2: Kids *to Be Announced Later*

Episode 3: From the Abyss *to Be Announced Later*

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"It's going to rain for a while."

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