In this truly unique, story driven, action-puzzler, you’ll dive head first into both sides of Ray’s exciting journey. You’ll experience Ray’s life before death as a human, as well as his present-day life as a zombie, commanding his own army horde! It’s 80’s setting evident in every last detail, Ray’s the dead will take you on a quest unlike any you’ve seen before!

Early Press:

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  • Ray’s The Dead is a fresh take on the zombie game genre – YOU are the zombie!
  • Experience Ray’s life as a Zombie, as well as his life before he became a zombie, via playable flashbacks. Memories from the past directly affect the present, and future!
  • Create a zombie army with a variety of unique zombie types, with different abilities.
  • An action game at its core, Ray’s The Dead also has strong tactical elements, stealth, puzzle solving, and even some adventure game elements.
  • An incredible soundtrack featuring a variety of today’s best independent musicians including Jake Kaufman, and DisasterRadio.
  • Ragtag Studio consists of three industry veterans that have each worked in the industry for 13 years a piece, and worked on titles such as Stubbs the Zombie, Halo Wars, and Thief 3.

Find out more here:

Ray’s the Dead Website

Ragtag Studio Website

Ragtag Studio Twitter

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Ray’s The Dead
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