Reality Raiders tells the story of the day to day experience of a group of chrononauts working to save people in the past.
Each mission takes the player to different times throughout the past, relative to the futuristic setting the story originates from.
The player must face challenges each mission as they save the world, become stronger, and learn more about the depths and mysteries surrounding the world they inhabit.

The game focuses on a simplistic, older RPG format:
– Includes multiple, unique maps
– Tight control scheme
– Final Fantasy inspired battle system
– Tons of skills and items to use
– Over 50 enemies to fight
– And much more!

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Reality Raiders

In the early years of the 31st century, a group of individuals work together to solve minor crimes in the past in hopes of restoring their desolate present. The player must embark on various missions to save the world, but will you be successful?

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