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Red Number: Prologue

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Complex "a New Dawn" – the largest colony on Mars by the year 2091. Due to the energy crisis in 2040 all countries have United into a Confederation of Land and immediately began construction of colonies on Mars for resource extraction. Finally, with great difficulty, the construction of the complex ended in 2065 and it was finally opened. From this moment all the efforts of the Council of the Confederation were thrown at the promotion of the good life on Mars. Soon, resources began to be extracted and humanity has entered a new era. Era "Red Number".

  • Explore a huge complex of "a New dawn"
  • Fight people, and robots
  • Create unique weapons, or buy ready
  • Find out what happened to the colonists
  • Meet unique system of fingerprints, which will allow to call with information about his life

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Red Number: Prologue

You have to survive on Mars as a simple technique of John, he will have to fight with dangerous enemies, find other survivors and learn that the accident occurred in the colony "a New Dawn".

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