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Reflection of a Fallen Feather

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Trapped in a mysterious labyrinth – explore crystalline caverns, dim dungeons, and subterranean forested lakes in a quest to uncover an exit to the surface. Jump, smash, swim, and manipulate the environment to unveil artifacts used to access new areas or to strengthen your party in turn-based battles against the dangerous hordes wandering the labyrinth. To survive, transform into defeated enemies, and mix and match enemy abilities to create custom classes for your characters.


  • become the enemy—50 playable character types
  • full character customization—150 unique character abilities
  • hidden loot—dozens of unique accessories and tools
  • interactive open-world environment
  • fast-paced battle system—identify and exploit enemy weaknesses

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Reflection of a Fallen Feather

In Reflection of a Fallen Feather you are the enemy. Triumph in turn-based battles to transform into defeated monsters - each party member is a fusion of three monster types with near infinite customization. Find hidden treasures used to jump, smash, swim, and manipulate the environment.

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