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Since the beginning of the calendar, there have been a few decades in the continent of Adania, and each era has produced a splendid civilization, but the continent of Adania is also a place of god’s curse. No matter what kind of civilization, every thousand years will collapse in the continental periodicity, completely disappear. All that remains is a pitiful relic, and a family of the Reignman under the aegis of the earth. After several civilisations, each reignman has a mission to save civilization.
Age A-277 civilization is a multi-racial civilization. After enjoying nearly a thousand years of quiet time, the earth’s surface fluctuates more frequently. The threat of civilization’s annihilation and the helpless despair have brought the whole civilization into chaos. For the continuation of civilization, and breaking the curse of the Adania. Once again, the Reignman of the earth start their own adventure.

"The Reignman" is a strategy card game based on exploration and fighting, the game combines the traditional RPG and Roguelike elements, player can employ different heroes in the game, encounter the altars, bosses, mysterious, camps, treasures, and events.With the deepening of the game, hundreds of pieces piece together a complete story of Adania history.
In combat, player has the ability to control the movement of the team, allowing all heroes to attack in the specified direction. Swipe left, right, up or down to attack the enemy and avoid your hero’s death as much as possible. You need to master every hero’s skill and make it easier for the hero to go through the stages. If you are ready, explore the mysteries of the Adania civilization.


  • · Strategy adventure game with Roguelike element, if you die in the game, you must restart your adventure!
  • · Randomly generated more than 100 levels and independently chose to explore the route.
  • · Nearly 100 different heroes ready to choose,player should properly matched with the hero skill to move in the right direction.
  • · Taverns, altars, treasures , training grounds, and random mysterious events,make the most appropriate choice to get the goal.
  • · Collect 100 missing notes spliced together complete story plot,and unexpected ending.
  • · Experience simple and unique fighting style, each choice is crucial.

In the game, the player takes control of the team to win. Enter the game to choose the team’s career preference: melee type team, marksman type team, spell type team, or more balanced general type team. Team career preference will determine the range of heroes recruited in the game.

The hero quality in the game is divided into: orange, purple and blue, the high quality hero has an extra skill for winning the battle easier.

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"The Reignman" is a strategy card game based on exploration and fighting, the game combines the traditional RPG and Roguelike elements.

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