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Relaxing VR Games: Mahjong

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The Dawn of A New Mahjong Age!

Rediscover this Chinese classic in a completely new gaming environment. The most important thing in this game is the right combination of tokens. The game’s core principle is as simple as it is brilliant: exposed pairs of tokens have to be removed until the whole board is cleared.

Relaxing VR games: Mahjong brings this classic to new dimensions. With your Oculus Rift you can manipulate tokens in a photorealistic 360° environment. Thanks to the intuitive One-Click controls, playing is convenient and enhances this truly unequaled virtual reality experience. A total of 162 boards can be played and solved in a deeply relaxing atmosphere.


  • High replay value
  • One of the most popular game classics, finally optimized for virtual reality
  • 162 different templates on photo-realistic 360° backgrounds
  • Easy gameplay due to intuitive one-click-operation
  • Relaxing game atmosphere

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Relaxing VR Games: Mahjong

Are you ready for the most virtually realistic Mahjong experience of all times? Solve a total of 162 boards with photo-realistic 360° backgrounds and breathe in the unique atmosphere of this popular game in an interactive, virtual environment!

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