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Remnants of The Arcane

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Remnants of The Arcane challenges you to survive and escape from what’s left of the Order of The Arcane, once home of the most powerful Arcanists of the Land. Find out what happened to the Order and the Arcanists that lived there and understand the reason why you woke up trapped inside that place.

Solve Puzzles

You don’t really know why you are trapped inside the ruins of what used to be the Order of The Arcane, but you are sure that someone is responsible for your current situation. The puzzles you find and have to solve are something especially designed for you, but they don’t appear to be too hard.
If only there wasn’t anything trying to kill you…

Make good use of Spells

On your way out of this damned place you’re going to find remnants of arcane crystals. They will provide you new Spells and help you on your journey. But be aware: some places and powers may drain your power very fast.
– Use Telekinesis to move heavy objects around and reach otherwise unreachable objects.
– Increase your speed and avoid making noises with your feet by using Levitation.
– Make yourself faster than your foe by using Haste.
– Can’t find a place to hide? Make yourself invisible (and be quiet, they can hear you).
– If giving away your position is not an issue, light up your way with your Fire Whisper.

Different behaviors on Foes AI’s

You may have to understand your foe before trying to get away from it.
It may be blind, but you may still trigger its killing instincts.
It may be able to see in the dark and also not be a threat, unless you upset it with something it doesn’t like.
It may always be aggressive, and staying out of sight will be your best bet.

Story-driven Gameplay

Sometimes finding out what you have to do may be hard. For that, you may find notes that – conveniently – have the answer for your problems.
You may also need pay attention to the stories told between each level.

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Remnants of The Arcane

Play as an Arcanist and use spells to solve puzzles while looking for the way out. Don't let yourself be killed by traps or the things living inside the ruins of the Order of The Arcane.

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