Get ready for a fun puzzle platforming game. The little girl Penny got trapped in a mysterious dreamland where she has the power to reverse the gravity direction.With this power you will find a way to reach the exit of the land and help her to get out of the nightmare. In this mysterious reversed dreamland,the path beneath your feet will collapse at any time,and the death and fear will always be with you.As the player,can you help the little girl to travel across the space freely?

In this game you can move, jump and reverse gravity.With these abilities to avoid obstacles and reach the end of the level in this puzzle platforming game!

Key Features

  • 4 different worlds
  • 80 levels with full of challenge
  • Tricky puzzles
  • Charming visual style
  • Touching music
  • support game controller

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Reversed Dreamland

Travel across 4 different worlds in reversed dreamland while flipping gravity to help Penny reach the end of the level.

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