Robots In The Wild is a challenging puzzle/strategy game about creatively building Robot fortresses. Your main objective is to protect and rescue HEARTS from the Monsters of different planets.

You will be dropping 2-D Blocks into special formations and pathways to build your Robot base into a grand stronghold. Protect the HEART through enough nights on a distant alien world and the Rescue Rocket will arrive to whisk the HEART to safety.

Robots In The Wild is about creative problem solving, building epic Robot citidels, and rescuing HEARTS from the clutches of a cold, heartless universe.

  • Drop Blocks to build Robots and pathways, forming an interconnected fortress.
  • Build fun combinations of Robots to automate simple tasks.
  • Overcome the forces of nature from quicksand to volcanoes.
  • Use your Robots to outmaneuver and outmuscle a wide variety of intergalactic Monsters.
  • Create your own planets to challenge yourself in the Simulator.

  • 64 total planets to defeat. (currently 16)
  • 32 Robots to build. (currently 10)
  • 4 boss fights. (currently 1)
  • Online and Local Co-Op and Battle modes.

    Making games has been a dream of mine my whole life. This is a passion project for me and I will work on it until it is complete.

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Robots In The Wild

Robots In The Wild is a challenging puzzle/strategy game about creatively dropping Blocks to build Robot fortresses. Travel to distant planets and construct huge, interconnected Robot strongholds to protect and rescue the HEARTS from the Monsters of the Wild.

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