A fun indie game which tells the story of a cute blue robot that has to SOMEHOW save the world from the villans…
The story line contains a lot of emotional and funny moments combined with tuff enemies!

The game is a retro styled game , with simple mechanics as WASD to move it is very simple to learn and like but also very Very tuff in some levels , as the Developer , I really do like games in this style so this is why I decided to make one myself.

Throughout the game you will meet a lot of people that you can talk to by simply pressing the W button , they will explain most of the story to you , also there are many cool bosses and enemies that use different and unique mechanics such as a flying machine that is triggered by you facing the other direction and running away from it or a huge boss that shoots rapid lasers at you , at the buttom line – I do really recommend the game to people who like the genre and I think you can have a lot of fun.

So , What are you going to actually see in the game ? Throughout the game , you will be able to explore a deep world that contains many many things you can interact with , for example : if you find yourself with low health points and there is a bed in your room , you are free to use it whenever you want and your health will go up to the maximum. You are going to go through a tutorial in the first time you play the game that is going to explain exactly how to use the inventory , talk to people in the game and how to destroy your enemies too!

When you will reach the harder levels of the game , you will find yourself spending a lot of time ttrying to beat that one enemy , for example a huge crowd of purple flies that flies after you and won’t leave you until you eather kill them all or die.
You can find some levels that also require a bit of thinking , just for example a level where you need to think about something to pick up from the ground and use it to crack open a jail door.

Another thing you can find in this game is a small sub-story about betrayel , if you are going to reach a prrety high level in the game you will find out not everyone that you thought was on your side and you needed to help was that innocent and you will end up fightning againts someone you didnt even think about you will…

As the developer and also a fan of games with old style , I really do recommend you to try out my game , it features basically any retro game feature with a special defference and I think you can really enjoy it.

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Robot’s Mystery

A game that can touch you in many ways but also a very fun and challenging game , you roam around tthe world looking for answers in a place where evil rules now . While talking to the strangers and going through tthe sttory you will find many answers and will face hard enemies.

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