Everyone is playing the rock balancing art. That’s right! It’s what you do at waterside : "stack stones".We make it into a VR puzzle game!

Everyone will be unable to extricate themselves, regardless of age.
Water and stones are ready. Now it’s the time. You are the ARTIST!

Head into forest in 《Rockland VR》, using limited stones with different combination to solve the puzzle. Stake your claim on global leaderboards . You can record each of your balancing art works by taking pictures automatically.

With more content and features to come, 《Rockland VR》is the most fun you can have in virtual reality!

● 30 classic levels
● Finish the puzzle ASAP, compete on the 《Rockland VR》 global leaderboards to become the best balancing artist in the world.
● Try something amazing balancing art works, show your skills.
● Walking in the forest in 《Rockland VR》, and enjoy the forest bath.

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Rockland VR

Head into the 《Rockland VR》 and experience the most fun of puzzles like never before . You can take your time to stack the most beautiful art work or you can complete it as fast as possible.

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