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Rogue Port – Blue Nightmare

Steam Video Games Windows

"Rogue Port – Blue Nightmare" is a modern action-based RPG and sequel to "Rogue Port – Red Nightmare" a turn-based modern RPG.

Features Include :

– Full Controller Support.

– Learn New and Valuable Skills and Grow in Power as your Player Level Progresses.

– Find Useful Items that can Help your Player Character Reach New Places and Unexplored Areas.

– Secret Chest Revealed After Defeating Every Enemy on a Single Map.

– Day and Night Calendar Time System with Dynamic Tinting for Exterior Cells.

– Dynamic Music System for Select Maps.

– Play a Bass Guitar, Song of Inversion and Explore the Inverted Realm.

– Horizontally Inverted Exterior Maps Featured from "Rogue Port – Red Nightmare".

– Playable Archery Mini Game with Varying Courses and Rewards.

– Integrated Unlockable Features between both "Rogue Port – Red Nightmare" and "Rogue Port – Blue Nightmare".

– Over 300 Maps and 5 Boss Filled Dungeons to Explore with Hidden Treasures.

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Rogue Port – Blue Nightmare

Help reunite your missing friends and save your family from wild animals, mutants, inanimate objects, aliens and the undead!

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