Room Service begins with you waking up in a strange room with no knowledge of how you got there. You are greeted by a weirdly cheerful voice coming from the TV. Soon, you realize it’s the voice of your kidnapper. The only way for you to get out alive is to complete a set of challenges designed to test one’s physical and mental strength.


10 challenges need to be completed, but it’s not as simple as it might sound. Each challenge is protected by a door that requires a certain amount of virtual cash to unlock. To acquire the money, you must spin the Prize Wheel but be careful as some winnings could be deadly.
Explore the facility, avoid deadly traps, collect items and solve intricate puzzles. Try to figure out what happened and who is your kidnapper.


Interactive dialogue system
Dark humor
Engaging puzzles
Tense atmosphere

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Room Service

Your freedom in exchange for completing 10 challenges might sound simple, however, these aren’t your ordinary math puzzles.

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