Sometimes there is nothing better than a tourney in a classic battleships game. You can see a beautifully designed sea battle, familiar to those from your school times. You have to play against the computer and you need to destroy all enemy ships before yours are destroyed.


  • Very beautiful graphics
  • Classic game
  • You can compete with your friends
  • Supporting all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, SteamOS)

The gameplay is very simple. When you are preparing for the match, there are some ships of different sizes – from simple battle boat to a huge battleship. You put them on the battlefield and nobody else than you knows their location. Of course, don’t know the enemy’s positions neither. Thus the battle is absolutely fair and you can only guess where to shoot. Of course, if you hit a battleship for the first time, it will be easy to find the other tiles. However, finding all enemy boats can be a real challenge. Do not forget that this game is not about speed, but about variety, so that the battle is always different. The game perfectly develops strategic thinking and will be useful to both adults and children. In addition, it will help you to plunge into nostalgia for simple classic games.

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Royal Battleships

Royal Battleships is a classic sea battle game, which includes battles against the AI and battles for points. Destroy the enemy fleet and try to make yours survive.

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