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Rugby League Live 4

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Set Plays – A variety of tactics give you a choice of dynamic attacking options to outsmart the defense.

Real Time On-The-Fly Interchange System.

A deep career mode that spans multiple decades, take a player from junior ranks right up to the big leagues!

FanHub Creation Suite – Create your own stadiums, logos, players and teams and share them online across all supported platforms.

Over 100 teams, 300 NRL players with photorealistic likenesses, and up to date 2017 rosters and team jerseys.

All new motion captured animations – including ankle taps, big hits and more!

FanHub Featuring the all New!

Logo Creator – Create any logo you wish and apply to player’s, jersey and stadium.

Stadium Creator – Create your own colosseum, boutique stadium or your very own local ground.

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Rugby League Live 4

LET’S MAKE HISTORY - Rugby League Live 4 brings you the most intense and feature packed Rugby League experience ever.

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