Run! Zombie Food! is a casual strategy game.

You lead a group of survivors across the layers of the zombie, to find a way out.
You need to explore rooms and maps to collect food, drugs, ammunition and weapons that are available for survival at the end,
While saving more survivors, expand the size of the team, together in the last days to survive.

Game features:

With day and night: zombie is more violent in the night;
  You can control multiple partners at the same time;
  A variety of small partners with special skills or special attributes;
  A variety of long-range firearms, melee weapons and supplies;
  A variety of indoor buildings are available for exploration and collection of resources;
  Kill the zombie gain experience to raise the little partner level;
Your death partner will become a zombie.

Rules of play:

The operation of this game is extremely simple, just use the mouse left and right keys to operate.
  Close the zombie release the mouse automatically attack
  Left click on the ground to move
  Left long press forced to move
  Right to switch weapons
  Close to the props automatically pick up and use (priority to pick up the highest level of weapons)

  After the death of your game character, his weapons props will fall (except for certain special characters)
  Need to explore the map to find the next pass
  Weekly terrible BOSS!
  No food your character will all starve to death!

The operation of this game is very simple, pay more attention to the player’s leisure experience and strategy.~!

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After the outbreak of the zombie virus, a group of survivors hit the zombie to survive! You can get a variety of special professional roles, weapons, supplies props, etc. - and perhaps a little white dog!

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