RXE is a game about building and programming robots. Design complex machinery and write code to solve a variety of challenging puzzles.

RXE is a fully-functional virtual robotics kit, complete with tools and parts for building and programming a variety of robots and machines. Sandbox Mode allows complete freedom for creation and design, while Challenge Mode contains a series of puzzles for players to solve using robots. Using the tools in RXE, players can create anything from self-driving cars to robotic claws to self-balancing two-wheelers.

Not only is RXE a tool for creativity, it teaches the fundamentals of design and programming in a simple and intuitive environment. RXE is designed for programming professionals and novices alike, and is sure to provide a challenge for anyone interested.

  • Use a variety of sensors to read data from the environment.
  • Move robots using servo motors, wheels, and other actuators.
  • Control robots and interact with the environment using powerful in-game computers.

  • Write code in RXLang, RXE’s powerful and intuitive visual programming language.
  • Perform complex operations and tasks using a variety of I/O, data, and math operations.
  • Update computers in real-time as code is changed.

  • Solve dozens of challenging puzzles requiring a variety of creative solutions.
  • Optimize robots to complete tasks as efficiently – or inefficiently – as possible.

RXE is currently being developed by Buce Studios and Bryce Messmann.

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RXE is a game about building and programming robots. Design machines using a variety of parts and devices, and write code in a powerful visual programming language.

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