Early Beta Access

I think that this game is almost completed, but, from the viewpoint of difficulty adjustment etc, put a beta test period for about a month.
If it is judged that difficulty adjustment is not required after a certain period of time, it shifts to v1.0.0 WITHOUT RESETTING the leaderboard.
If the difficulty adjustment is conducted and it is judged that the adjustment period has ended, RESET the leaderboard and shift to v1.0.0.
The schedule for the transition is scheduled for early March. And I’ll announce it in advance.
In addition, there is no change in price after the transition to v1.0.0.

About the Game

Rysen is an old school 2d vertical shooter (shoot ’em up style game).


  • 7 stages per 1 round.
  • No bullet-hell.
  • No bomb.
  • No combo & buzz.
  • No gems, medals and any other bonus items.
  • Very simple bonus system.
  • 3 difficulties.
  • Fine configuration changes are possible.

About demo version

This game has free demo version.
Run the demo version to see if you can run the game correctly before purchasing.
Note: In the demo version, achievement and online leaderboard are DISABLED.


For explanation of the game system & how to play, refer to the link of "View the manual" in the right list.

Option settings

  • Switch windowed mode or full screen mode.
  • Adjust the window size. Original window size is 320×240.
  • Adjust vertical scale of the screen for full screen, if you want to adjust aspect ratio.
  • Adjust the window position to center of display screen.
  • BGM volume control.
  • SFX volume control.
  • The difficultiy of the game to choose from three, normal, hard or insane.
  • When using XInput gamepad, you can adjust the dead zone of the analog stick.
  • Indicate or not help messages of menu screens.
  • Remember player name (score name) or not to ini file.
  • V-sync for full screen.
  • Reset local leaderboards data.
  • Key settings of the keyboard, XInput gamepad and DirectInput gamepad.
  • Restore default settings.

Extra Options

  • Practice mode (Stage select mode).
  • If you want to play your ogg files in this game, you can change BGM with the playlist editor.

Note: To the extent that it does not conflict with the law, please use at your own risk.

In-game options

  • Adjust the brightness of game screen.
  • Choose font colors and shadow.
  • Choose weapon stat icons’ position or turn off.
  • Choose position of in-game messages or turn off.
  • Switch SFX on or off when enemies attacks. Regarding some attacks, SFX will be played regardless of this setting.
  • Switch shards effect on or off when enemies has destroid. Explosion anime can not be turned off.
  • Switch smoose scroll and sprite rotation on or off.
  • Switch display of FPS information on or off.
  • Restore default settings.

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An old arcade style 2d vertical shooter.

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