Your attention is invited to a logical puzzle in which you have to move the boxes to the given points, where for each level you will receive a key. After collecting a certain number of keys, you will be able to release one of the members of your family from the hands of a maniac.


  • Simple controls
  • Interesting setting
  • Cool graphics
  • A large number of different levels
  • Support for all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, SteamOS)

Remember how you worried about the heroes of various horror movies? You remember how the heroes of these same movies sympathized with the victims of psychopaths, without even assuming that they might someday be in their place. Opportunity to be in their shoes came. Some crazy maniac captured your family and now you have to release them one after the other, going from one level to another, solving puzzles, moving boxes and collecting keys. It was naive to believe that you will be able to avoid this fate. It looks like you made a mistake somewhere, because you were captured by a sophisticated sadist. It’s time to atone for their sins and to save relatives. The game has begun!

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Play the game with a mad maniac and collect all the keys to free your family. The game has begun!

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