In Scavenger, you play as a broken space ship. With nothing but your ships’ core, that powers everything else, and a cockpit, you must use your tractor beam to attach components to your ship, and survive.
With over 30 different modules to discover, upgrade or find, every ship offers something new. From first generation double barreled cannons, to upgraded, second generation turrets like the Deathbeam, lay waste to as many enemies as you can.

  • Discover components and modules for your ship
  • Upgrade by combining modules together, to create more powerful, newer generations of turrets
  • Fight bosses, and proceed in an ever increasing difficulty

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You are the crew of an almost destroyed spaceship, and you find yourself barely escaped combat alive. Only the ship’s core and cockpit are still functional and intact. Manning the tractor beam you bolster your ship by scavenging from fallen foes and attempt to escape the enemy sector. How long will you last?

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