In the constellation Cetus, near the star Tau, lived and prospered a
civilization the Depths of Space researchers and engineers.
In order to populate the nearest solar system, 3D printer has
been created. The unique space station carrying billions
of microscopic drones-builders. Drones were landing on planets to
build cities, using planets own resources.

As a result of AI error, that occurred during the testing phase, 3D
printer went out of control and began printing houses for planets
orbiting Tau star system. Giant protective shells deprived them of
light. Aiming to keep the fruits of their years labor, the creators
decided to apply a fix for AI of 3D printer.

Clearing the planets along the way, the team of engineers is heading
towards the Star, where the amazing machine is building its latest
creation – Tau’s Orbital Home.

– Symbiosis of arkanoid and scroll shooter gameplay
– Manually designed unique levels
– Various set of bonuses, enemies and level bosses
– Unique Soundtrack

Musical themes:
Ra Djan
Dmitry Shinkarchuk
Misha Gimmervert

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Scrollonid it's a 2D symbiosis of arkanoid and scroll shooter game.

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