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Scrolls of the Lord

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This game is an actor RPG from the first person in a fantasy world.
You will visit the mysterious otherworldly world with snow-capped mountains, dark dungeons and ruins in the desert.
Dangerous opponents of which are difficult to defeat, extraordinary puzzles, and an unusual narrative of the story awaits you here.
Improve your skills and carefully read the description of objects to open the real ending of the game.

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Scrolls of the Lord

Scrolls of the Lord is a classic fantasy from the first person, taking as a basis the best games in this genre.

We have to play for the criminal sentenced to death, but at the behest of the case, escaped her having escaped in the most unusual way.
We have to visit the parallel world - reveal its secrets and learn the stories of those who tried to do this before us.

-The game presents 4 combat styles that can be used separately and combined to get the level you can develop one of them.
-12 weapons each with its own characteristics.
-Carefully read descriptions of items and experiment with fighting styles only then you can get a good ending.

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