Sense of The Devil is first person horror shooter that confronts players with humanity greatest fears living deep in the forest.


The story is set in medieval times, meaning only some basic weapons are available and majority of the earth is still uncharted.


The story starts when a fellow hunter ask you for help. His only daughter is missing. It seems that she wandered to the forgotten forest and did not come back. As the place is cursed nobody believes that his daughter is still alive, no one has ever come back from this place. Your friend however refuses to give up hope and you are his only chance to find his child. Locals are afraid to talk much about the forest, they only whisper with fear in their eyes: "Baba Yaga".


Variety of creatures to shoot and dice, ranging from small, thorough medium up to tough as hell Demons and derivatives.

Multiple bosses to defeat with huge arsenal of weapons.

Intense atmosphere, various locations to explore and a mysterious creature to hunt.

Sense of The Devil will take you on a journey that you will never forget and you will always look behind your back just to make sure your are alone.

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Sense of The Devil

Sense of The Devil is first person horror shooter that will take you on an epic journey of hunting the most horrifying creature!

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