Dear Bob,

I know you know that feeling … monday morning – sitting in the office – and you only want to go home. Your work is boring, your collegues stupid – so what should you do?

Easy peasy my friend – just get your gun and blow em away! But wait! Not that bloody, rude one – there’s no real fun in them … use the one just hurting – hit by hit!
So equip your foam blaster and get some!

Sincerely, your CEO

Please don’t smash the whole facility, again. We want to release a new floor with more room for you soon.

The Gameplay
Load your gun, shoot your enemies, fight your way to the next lood or a dropped weapon – get it, and get it quick!

The Environment
A massive, handcrafted office facility is waiting for you. For early acess we open the first, smaller office area to get you startet. Feel free to reshape some furniture with your guns, it is YOUR office

The Weapons
At the moment you have 3 weapons. Our Ballermann, shooting some midsize foams, the Speedster – small projectiles but a lot of them, and the Cleaner – slow rolling bigboys making some space in front of you

The Characters
We don’t have employees at the moment, beside of Bob. But we have some applications in the queue

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Serious Office

A physics based fun shooter with multiplayer features in a big fragile office. You move by shooting at your oponents or whatever you see. The goal of each round is to be the last one on a chair, blown your collegues and the furnishings away. 5 Player-5 lifes each-eye to eye-only one will survive.

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