It’s a game which alternating between reality and illusion, and it looks like a fairy tale. But it has no relation with Grimm’s Fairy Tales that we know. In the game, there is no prince or stepmother. but it has a core of realism, or anti-romanticism at least.

In the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs we know, Snow White is vulnerable and weak. She could barely make it without the help of the kind hunter and dwarfs, and let alone the happy ending between her and prince.

But in the game, the heroine is not that lucky. She is dropped to a strange island, without name and memories. There are only children in the island, and she is deemed as a monster. So she is put into the prison when she shows up in the island. Later, she meet many boys. In the daytime, they are children. But at night, they become adults. To stay alive, she works for these boys, and accepts the name they give: Snow White.
The boys have different personalities, and they are warlord, fraud, thief or murderer…Their stories are mutually complementary, which make the whole content of the game and provide world outlook. As the story goes, the illusion and reality are overlapped gradually. Players could find themselves in the game roles, and start to think about the problems in real life.

What the game bring about is that when you feel lost, you should believe one day there will be someone who could warm you and help you, when you are helpless there is always someone stands by you. When that day comes, you will treat others in the same way. What if the fate doesn’t come? What will you gonna do? You can wake yourself up by learning from and appreciating the world. Maybe you will find it’s not that worse as you think. The fairy tale records the world we live in, and reflects the values and thoughts of the young people.

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Seven boys 2

A pure hand - painted of modern fiction loving game, the story is full of vicious real factor underneath the surface of fairy tale. As the player, you will have to run errands for the seven boys to escape and survive. They are warlords, thieves, liars, murderers ... ... and, such a lovely girl (actually he is a boy? ) I can’t tell the gender any more.

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