【Game introduction】

Open your eyes, here’s it’s nation where only kids exist. Unlike any fairytale you have ever heard, this is a world filled with deceit and untrusted, nasty and brutal. The grown ups are ill treated in here, and what’s worse, there is a strange disaster that can turn the kid into grown ups during the night just starts to spread among them.
The world is in a mess and chaotic.
You and other 7 boys (who are the victims of the disaster) are trapped in here, how do you make it and survive?
This is a thrilling adventure story about love and grow up.
Now, play as the only grown-up in the world: Snow White, find the key and solve the mystery, and save the soul of your boys!

【Game features】
Magic Realism
To explore the puzzle
Multiple endings

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Seven boys

Play as the character who travels back in the fairy tale, but for this time, you will found that being trapped in a prison! Take a look around, there are no kind and sweet tenants ,only a bunch of little hostile prisoners

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