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ShineG&Zombie Mincer

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You need to drive your vehicle modified in your own garage to crush the zombies on the streets, and then escape from this horrible city. On your way only three things need to do, killing more zombies, escaping farther away and surviving longer time. After killing zombies in the game, you will also get different items as reward. You can strengthen and modify your vehicle in your garage by these items, and back to the streets again.

1.Vehicle modification and upgrading system
Players can choose different attack and defense equipments on the car, such as battering ram, machine gun, cannon, armor.
2.Various types of vehicles to choose
Different vehicle can carry with different numbers and types of equipments. The players can choose car, recreation vehicle, truck, school bus, greyhound bus, armored vehicle. What is your decision? Is bigger and stronger, or faster and more skillful?
3.Battle experience full of flesh and blood flying
Try to make a flesh and blood feast, rolling them, destroy them. This is a party of life and death.

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ShineG&Zombie Mincer

When the emergency evacuation notice from the local military came from radio, Shine found the streets were full of those guys who eat human flesh. It seemed that the thing in the garage is the only way to help her escape.

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