Can you stay alive till the clock reaches stimulated play time? Shroom is a timed, third person shooter game with the sole focus of meeting the stipulated play time. Make use of weapons, explosives and traps to defend and fend off evil monsters commanded by an evil shroom. Also included are side missions which require you to defend yourself and protect others. A small game with increasing levels of difficulties.

Weapons available include:
Assault rifle
Grenade launcher
Sniper rifle
Grenades (limited use)
Traps: Spikes, fire, gas, electric and coal.
Traps can be placed strategically across the map or dragged across the map to harm monsters.
Each trap deals a different amount of damage and has specific amount of "use" time before it’s destroyed. So use wisely.

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Make it through levels, shooting your way through hoards of monsters commanded by an evil shroom.

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