Sick coaster, a name which means everything…
We created this coaster to bother your brain, to make it saying to your stomach "there is something weird". Welcome in the dark with some lights which will remind you some classic real coster.
Psychedelic sound, stressfull atmosphere, weird feelings, this is what we call a coaster.
To prevent some comment, yes you can see pixels sometimes, but or you had pixels or you had to download 5 Gb for a roller coaster… we made a choice.
Also, we made it using physical conditions, using throttle or brakes for the train, which means none of the speed you will feel is virtually made, it would be the same in real. The only differences with a real one are : no wind in your hair, and no heart attack.
Just have fun 😀

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Sick Coaster

How do you feel after a time in a roller coaster ? "It was beautiful" or "the landscape was so amazing"? No you don't, you have been shaken, you feel weird. The usual VR coasters are beautiful and almost relaxing, this one is not. it has been thought and created to shake your senses, to make you feeling like in a real one. dark and light, beat sounds... This coaster has not been made for you to see something beautiful, but to feel something. Enjoy more than 5 minutes of pure speed.

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