Signal Decay is a stealth rogue-lite with unique cooperative experience. Called upon by a mysterious computer, you are the last hope to save humanity from mind manipulation. Work together closely, infiltrate into enemy buildings, and destroy mind-control machines.


  • A rogue-lite mode with procedural generation and permanent death.
  • Different weapons and abilities that support various play styles.
  • A solo mode with a special ability that requires you to be deliberate on every action.
  • Handcrafted challenge levels with variant rules and different objectives.
  • Online teamwork with up to 3 players.


Cooperative Stealth
Hide your presence and watch each other’s back under the ever-increasing alert level. Exploring the floor, collecting resources and searching for the machine.

Unique Combat
Each enemy is tough. Be tactical and use the right tools to deal with different kinds of threats and save each other’s back.

Global Strategy
Pilot an invisible airship across a realtime world for your next mission. Destroy all machines scattered around the world, before all enemy forces are aware.

Weapons & Gadgets
Each weapon has its own strength and weakness. Each type of gadgets has only one function. A wise composition of weapons and gadgets will make the mission much easier.

Resource Management
Collecting resource during missions to unlock upgrades and equipment. Bonus missions provide extra resource and technology boost.

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Signal Decay

In a future cyberpunk dystopia, you are called upon by a mysterious computer to save humanity from mind manipulation.
Assemble a team and infiltrate into the procedurally generated enemy strongholds.

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