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Silver Island

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Silver Island is a 2D Rpg/Platformer/Action/Adventure that takes place in a dilapidated urban hell hole plagued by ghoulies, zombies, black mage Klansmen, crackheads, Shit golems and a veritable fuck ton of nasty things that want to eat your brains and or soul.


-Expansive, detailed open world map… At some point, you will most definitely get lost.

-Cryptic puzzles that require brain power to solve….

-Loads of politically incorrect black humor !

-Cat cuddling. Lot’s of cats that you must track down and cuddle.

-Complex inventory system of weapons and armor, many of which interacts with each other for better or worse.

-A zombie factory.. Just in case you’ve ever wondered how zombies were manufactured.

-And most importantly, lots and lots of violence.

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Silver Island

the hood has been infested with a plague of creeps and uglies. zombies ate your cat and you're out for revenge. However, what started as a simple mission to bludgeon, dismember and hack to pieces the hordes of hell unfolds into an epic quest through the slums, graveyards, 99 cent stores, whorehouses and polluted lakes of silver island in search of more than just the asshole zombie that ate your cat.

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